Bridging the Urban-Rural Divide

by Will Duncan Countries around the world struggle with a divide between urban centres and rural regions. Bridging it requires imaginative transport policy to connect citizens everywhere with the services they need and give remote communities a better future. After decades of weak growth and limited investment, many regional communities across the developed world feel forgotten; left behind by national governments in thriving capital cities. … Continue reading Bridging the Urban-Rural Divide

Sustainable mobility: Can the world speak with one voice?

by Nancy Vandycke, World Bank The transport sector is changing at breakneck speed. By 2030, global passenger traffic is set to rise by 50%, and freight volume by 70%. By 2050, we will have twice as many vehicles on the road, with most of the increase coming from emerging markets, where steady economic expansion is creating new lifestyle expectations and mobility aspirations. Mega-projects like China’s … Continue reading Sustainable mobility: Can the world speak with one voice?